Henry Vacuum FAQs

We answer your most frequently asked questions on Henry, Hetty and the rest of the gang...

Can I use Henry for dust extraction?

A commercial grade or industrial Henry can be used for dust extraction. When extracting dust, ensure that the vacuum features a proper filter for this type of cleaning. 

Can I use Hetty as a wet vac?

Hetty is used for dry vacuuming and it is not recommended for use as a wet vac. Choose a George or a Charles from the range instead as these are designed for use on wet spills as well as dry debris.

Can I upgrade my Henry?

If you want your Henry to have a little more versatility, there are a number of spares and extra parts you can attach for further cleaning power. This includes hoses, nozzles, adaptors and more, which are all designed to work with your Henry to allow for thorough cleaning of different flooring types and various debris.

Can I use Henry for water?

A regular Henry should not be used to clean up water. For water spills, choose the George or Charles vacuum cleaner, as these are designed for both wet and dry vacuum cleaning. The Numatic WV470 Commercial Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner – 220-240V is also a great option for both wet and dry cleaning in commercial environments.

Can I use my Henry vacuum cleaner for sucking up leaves?

The Henry commercial NRV200 vacuum cleaner model, now known as the NRV240 machine can be used to suck up leaves from doorways or entrances. 

Can you wash Henry bags?

Henry bags are not designed to be washed. Bags for Henry should be disposed of and replaced when needed. 

Can you clean the white filter for a Henry?

Yes. To clean the white filter in a Henry, first pull out the clips at the top of the machine and lift off the head. Remove the white filter and place in a bin bag. Shake the dust off into the bag then replace the filter and the head. Ensure the top is locked with the two clips. 

Can you get a turbo brush for a Henry vacuum cleaner?

There are a number of brushes you can use on a Henry to diversify your vacuum cleaning. Numatic brushes come in a variety of different styles, including, widetrack, combination, round, scavenger, dusting, upholstery and more. 

What wattage is the numatic Henry xtra 200?

The Henry Xtra vacuum cleaner has a wattage of 620.

What’s the most powerful Henry?

The Henry NRV200, now known as the NRV240 is the most powerful from the Henry range. 

What’s the biggest Henry?

The Henry model with the largest capacity is the Numatic PPR370B2 Commercial Dry Vacuum Cleaner which can hold up to 15 litres. 

Henry NVR200 vs NVR240 – What’s the difference?

The Henry NVR240 is the new and upgraded version of the NVR200 model but with a more powerful motor. The Henry NVR200/NVR240 is a commercial grade vacuum cleaner, designed for professional use and features a 620W Twinflo motor.  

What bags do Charles vacuums have?

The Numatic (NVM-2BH) Hepa-Flo Filter Bags can be used with the Charles vacuums. 

Why are Henry cleaners good?

Henrys have a number of benefits. They are hard wearing, long lasting and effective at cleaning dirt and debris. Henry’s are easy to use and are a reliable vacuum cleaner to have at your disposal.

Why is my Henry wet and dry feeling hot?

If your Henry feels hot to touch or is overheating, it may need a filter change. 

Why would my Henry be blowing out dust everywhere?

If your Henry is blowing out dust then this could be a sign of a broken or worn belt. 

How many litres is my grey Numatic?

Grey Numatics can range in capacity, from 23 litres up to 70 litres depending on the model you have. 

Vacuum Cleaner FAQs

A few FAQs relating to general vacuum cleaning…

Which vacuum cleaner can I use as a dust extractor?

Although a proper dust extractor will cover more ground, you can use a vacuum when dust extracting in a smaller area. When choosing a vacuum cleaner for dust extraction, ensure that the model features proper filtration. Many commercial or industrial grade vacuums will often include this, but you will find them mainly in cyclonic or advanced filtration vacuum cleaners. You may also want to look at hazardous utility designs or specialist vacuum cleaners, which are manufactured specifically for the cleaning of carcinogenic dusts. 

What industrial vacuum should I use for cleaning aluminium dust and swarf?

Most industrial strength or commercial grade vacuum cleaners can help clean up swarf and aluminum dust. Advanced filtration and specialist vacuums may also be beneficial for those looking for cleaners that remove potentially harmful dust from industrial working environments. 

What’s the best vacuum for construction?

When choosing a vacuum cleaning for construction environments, opt for an industrial strength model or an advanced filtration cleaner. These are designed for more heavy duty cleaning and can help remove dirt debris most often found in these types of working capacities. 

Can you vacuum artificial grass?

You can use a vacuum on artificial grass, but we warned, this may suck up your infill. Instead, opt for a leaf blower. If your artificial lawn does not contain infill, then a vacuum cleaner would be suitable for removing dirt and debris. 

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