Does Your Workplace Need Security Mirrors?

Security and convex mirrors are a simple, low cost yet highly effective method of protecting your business from both crime and accidents. There are lots of options when it comes to mirrors, so think carefully about what your business needs before making a choice.

Types Of Security Mirrors

Security mirrors come in a range of materials to suit different applications, such as:

  • Glass: Glass mirrors offer a clean, crisp, undistorted view, but are also the highest risk when it comes to shattering. Glass shards are extremely dangerous, but if you are confident your mirror will not be at risk or breakage, this can be a good choice for a very clear view.
  • Acrylic: Acrylic mirrors are tougher than glass and still offer a quality view. These mirrors can be bent to offer a wide-angle view, making them good for seeing around corners or viewing large areas from one location. They still shatter like glass if affected by a large impact, but the shards are not as sharp or dangerous. They do scratch more easily than glass.
  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel is the very best that money can buy, as they are durable and tough. They don’t easily scratch, will not shatter and the highly polished surface will ensure a clear view at all times. They are suitable for use inside and out, and are resistant to vandals as well as the elements.

Which Material?

As well as considering the material your mirror is made from, you should think about the backing it has applied, as this will affect its suitability for use.

  • No backing: With no backing, you could save some money, but will only be able to use your mirror indoors and for simple uses.
  • Hardboard: A hardboard backing provides some protection for the lens, but is not weather resistant, so is only for use indoors.
  • Coated treated hardboard or plywood: If the wood backing has been treated or is coated with vinyl, it is suitable for use indoors and outdoors.
  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel backing is the best choice for external applications, particularly where there is a risk of inclement weather or vandalism.

Choosing The Right Mirror

Now you’ve got a better idea of the materials you are looking for, you can start thinking about the type of mirror you’ll need for the job you have in mind. Think about where you want to use mirrors in your business, and choose the right one for the application.

  • Convex mirrors: Convex mirrors are an excellent investment for security both indoors and outdoors. In retail shops and similar businesses, it enables the cashier to see activity all over the shop from one vantage point. In alleys, subways and corridors they can help prevent collisions and surprise attacks, and outside can make it safer to turn onto a main road from an awkward bend.
  • Dome mirrors: Dome mirrors come in 90, 180 and 360-degree versions. They offer a simple yet effective method of seeing more of the premises, and are widely used in shops, warehouses, factories and more. They have been proven to prevent theft and can help avoid accidents in congested areas of high pedestrian traffic.
  • Traffic mirrors: Convex traffic mirrors are a practical and inexpensive way of improving safety on your site in the car park and loading areas. They take away blind spots, helping to prevent accidents and injuries where you have lots of vehicular and pedestrian movement. Some also come with ice resistant thermo activated gel backing, so they don’t freeze up in the winter.
  • Rear view mirrors: Using a convex mirror as a rear view mirror for site work such as in forklift trucks is a great choice. It enables the operator to safely see what’s behind them without having to turn, meaning they can safely manoeuvre their vehicle without taking their attention away from their load.
  • Inspection mirrors: Inspection mirrors are small convex mirrors, often mounted on telescopic poles, that allow you to see into awkward places. They are extensively used in security, for checking underneath vehicles as they enter a secure area.
  • Food grade mirrors: Food grade mirrors can be extremely useful in food processing areas, where you need to see inside vats, hoppers and mixers and wish to avoid climbing ladders or other risky activities. These mirrors conform to food industry standards and can be hygienically cleaned.

Security Mirrors offer affordable, effective solutions to safety and security in your business, so don’t overlook these low-cost options when you’re planning how to keep your business protected.

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